There have been countless times when I`ve been booked solid all day and Gabe has come through for me. The Locate Me option on Gabe is the perfect tool for when I need to let my colleagues know where I am at with the quick touch of a button. In today`s fast-paced world, I can rely on Gabe the Guardian to be my trusty assistant!

- Joe S.  

I`m often the last one in my office, which can make for a nervous walk through a dark parking lot to my car. With Gabe and its Emergency feature, I feel more secure than I have before, knowing that if something were to go wrong, I can alert my friends and family immediately. Gabe has given peace of mind to not just to me, but also to my family.

- Niki P.  

Some friends and I are planning trips, and while others can`t go, we still want to keep in touch with them throughout. Luckily with Gabe and its Check In feature, we can "check in" with them whenever we want to send a picture and message to just say Wish you were here!

- Lindsey H.